Our Guiding Principles

Focus, Innovation, Values and Execution are our guiding principles.


  • We focus on the needs of our present and future customers by providing best in class services, state of the art solutions with the backbone of our global network.
  • We execute all our projects and programs with clear goal setting, adequate structures and resources, ensuring the on-time maturity of our products and processes.
  • We are clear about our roadmap and each single step – we focus our efforts and our talent always on the „now and next”, understanding the past as our „lessons learned” and our future as our destination. 


  • We position ourselves as an enabler of future mobility solutions by offering state-of-art technologies and engineering expertise.
  • We want to be a strong partner in the early development of NextGen solutions while still providing exclusive build-to-print-services.
  • We will support the changes in harness architecture by providing products which can be adapted and customized to the specific requirements of our customers. 
  • We will invest talent and resources into automation and process related innovations.


  • We create profitable growth with our own products and technologies, which we develop, share and offer globally. We are focusing on the enhancement of our companies’ sustainable value, not on short term wins.
  • We ensure high utilization of our assets and actively drive the optimization of our capital employed.
  • Our shareholders, customers and our employees are in the focus of all our 
    efforts. We stand to what we say and keep our promises and agreements.
  • We respect the personalities, competencies, motivation and performance of all our associates. We meet them with empathy, trust, understanding and allow different opinions while promoting and enforcing cooperation and agreements.
  • We live a “no blame culture”. We understand mistakes are the result of human activity, we communicate them openly and learn from them.  


  • The quality of our products, services and actions is the immediate result of our actions. We plan our actions thoroughly, but we also execute perfectly to reach our plan. PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) is the process we apply to everything we are doing.
  • “Quality at origin” is the core of our philosophy. We design our products, processes, techniques and technologies to highest standards, and we involve all our associates in implementing robust processes.
  • We embrace our global organization and support each other with ideas, best practices, resources and talent.
  • We focus on the outcome / the output / the results. The right result determines the most effective process and the most efficient use of resources – not vice versa.


For us, accountability means taking responsibility not only for a task, but above all for the results and outcomes. It means that we are intrinsically motivated not only to want to complete the task, but also to make sure, within our own capabilities, that everything takes its best course. We do what is necessary and right in each case so that no harm is done, and the goals set can be achieved. To be able to take responsibility, we are reliable and committed.


Our basis for any cooperation is the team spirit. This creates an optimistic basic attitude between us. Our teams complement each other's qualities, and this makes them successful. We share ideas and responsibilities, which helps create a safe environment for everyone. Tasks can be completed carefully and thoroughly. In our collaborative environment, people are honest and helpful to each other. Out of an honest need, we help each other, at best without being asked or asking for it.


Open-mindedness is the ability of "mental awareness". Through this, we are open and receptive so that we can learn from others. We give each other respectful and direct feedback, creating the conditions for an innovative environment that is constantly improving. We openly discuss ideas and live constructive competition and criticism. We learn by our mistakes and have a safe environment where everyone can make courageous decisions.


Passion for us represents our inner drive that makes us want or do something and that often leads to good, result-oriented actions. When we feel passion, we are excited and that generates motivation. As a result, we are committed to doing something or to a cause. When we are full of passion, we put everything we have into what we want to achieve.


We believe and have confidence in the integrity, honesty, reliability, and fairness of an individual and an organization. The foundation for trust is the positive experience of respect, courtesy, acceptance of mistakes and shared weaknesses, support, authenticity and honesty across all hierarchies and instances. With trust intact, we willingly contribute our commitment, talents, energy, and honest thoughts to what is required for the success of our company. We do not expect trust, but we try to earn it every day and consider it one of our highest assets.